Following the intelligent assistance robot, the Bangbang Robot Team has made another ingenious new work, dedicated to providing a better way of travel for the handicapped and those with mobility impairments.

Integrated Frame Structure
The beauty of machinery Structural design of high strength integrated chassis
The whole chassis adopts an integrated welding structure, which uses two beams and elbows to form a load-bearing structure. The whole chassis is not connected by bolt structure, so it will not be deformed and loose after long-time use.
Low Gravity
Safe and stable Self weight low gravity stabilization system
The upper structure of BBR-Robooter adopts lightweight design, 80% of the weight of the whole car is arranged below the 20cm plane, and there is no rollover on a 15 degree slope.
Independent Damping System
Independent suspension system
The front wheels have two sets of suspension spring with strong torsion, buffering the impact from rough roads and steps to makethe users drive stably and feel confortable.
Strict Design Standards
Self-discipline, High standards achieve high quality
The safety factor adopts a design standard that is 4 times higher than the national standard, and tens of thousands of tests and strict inspections ensure the quality.

One-click folding
Folding and unfolding armrest linkage
APP can be controlled remotely
Remote control folding
One-click folding
Handrail linkage
Flat handling

The self-developed omnidirectional wheel is composed of 24 independent small wheels, and several rubber small wheels form a toothed structure, which has stronger grip in the process of crossing obstacles/ditches. No fear of steep slopes and ravines, free driving on all road conditions, 1500 km quality assurance.
Sales Service Outlets
Through performance improvement
Sales Service Outlets
Safety performance improvement
Sales Service Outlets
Improved durability
Hard core strength, high adaptability and passability
Differential steering, with a turning radius of <73CM, is convenient for steering and fine-tuning in a narrow space, adapting to various indoor and outdoor scenes.
It eliminates the 0.5-second turning delay of ordinary wheelchair universal wheels, eliminates the frustration during the steering process of ordinary wheelchair universal wheels, and improves the riding experience.
Satisfy the outdoor multi-scenario driving experience
BANGBANG's technological crystallization
The core technology behind the decryption wheel
Overall closed honeycomb structure scheme
It has stronger impact resistance and fatigue resistance; generally, a wheelchair will experience 100,000+ impacts after driving on the road for 1 year; each impact will cause a damage to the wheel.
Micron-level finishing accuracy
The technical solution of the omnidirectional wheel is a major technical difficulty for global manufacturers due to the lack of machining accuracy, which is a major technical difficulty for global manufacturers, which Bangbang has perfectly overcome.
The golden ratio of rubber formulations
At the same time, it takes into account the longevity and comfort; as many as 150+ formula ratios have been tested, which lasted for 1 year, and finally took shape.
Unique bearing sealing technology
The bearing has a long service life, no water, dust, magazines, and no oil leakage.